Although we started as a screen-printing company, we feel that our expertise in graphics, style, and trends, gives us the knowledge to help brand your company, organization, or event. We have decided to broaden our company from production-based to bringing our skills and expertise to a comprehensive product base model to help build your brand. With our years of experience in production, seeing how design and trends have evolved, and our production-based thought of quality first, we believe that we can help anyone put a stamp on their project. If that stamp is just 25 shirts for an event that you want a great design for or if you are looking for a comprehensive business branding experience with products from jackets, shirts, business cards, and tumblers, we can help you make it happen!


With a production-minded approach to design, we think we can help anyone make their design project pop across all possible avenues they choose to use it! Starting in screen printing, we learn the "smart" parts of design. Not everything you do on the screen will translate to screen printing or on to garments. If you can figure out how to make great designs for screen printing, they will typically work well with anything else you choose to put them on. Our design capabilities range from logos for start-up businesses to logos for small events to logos for a comprehensive branding strategy. There are typically a few ways to look at logo design and strategy. You may have an existing logo and want to spice it up for different apparel or promo options. You might want to take your existing logo and use other design elements for a theme and place your current logo somewhere in the design. You could desire a redesign of your existing logo, or you want a brand-new design. Below are a few examples in which we have accomplished the above design strategies in various ways.


Branding is the way you project the vision you see for your business, organization, or event. Great branding requires both a great design and the proper vehicle or item to elicit the desired emotion of your customers, volunteers, or employees. We can guide you in making your vision come to life, from design to color to products. Let us help you make your decisions easier! Below are a few different virtual views of items we have helped clients bring their brand to life.